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Nouvelle publication: « The cyber-resilience of financial institutions: significance and applicability »

B. Dupont (2019), The cyber-resilience of financial institutions: significance and applicability, Journal of Cybersecurity, 5 (1), 1-17. Abstract: The growing sophistication, frequency and severity of cyberattacks targeting financial sector institutions highlight their inevitability and the impossibility of completely protecting the integrity of critical computer systems. In this context, cyber-resilience offers an attractive complementary alternative to […] Lire la suite

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Vient de paraître: Security networks and counter-terrorism: a reflection on the limits of adversarial isomorphism

in Martin Bouchard (ed.), Social networks, terrorism and counter-terrorism: Radical and connected, Routledge, 2015. Résumé du livre: This book examines two key themes in terrorism studies, the radicalization process and counter-terrorism policies, through the lens of social networks. The book aims to show that networks should be at the forefront not only when analysing terrorists, but […] Lire la suite